Fitness is essential for a healthy lifestyle. One aspect is Yoga.  Yoga is great for increased flexibility, as it promotes gentle stretching and helps to increase strength. Increased awareness of breath control is part of the practice, all while soothing the nervous system and energizing our bodies. Hatha and Iyengar foundation principles are great for practice to help become aware of body alignments, and it is helpful to learn our own personal edges with physical boundaries as well as connecting the body with the mind. Vinyasa flow yoga is an integrated approach to allow the freedom of movement to where ever the body takes you. Learning to listen to our bodies as we notice more through breathing properly will help the mind become more attuned to physical manifestations. These sessions are great for beginners, as well as intermediate levels. All are welcome!

These fitness classes are a combination of Hatha, and Vinyasa flow. That simply means an integrated approach for structural alignment with foundational poses that are incorporated into movement while working through a series of asana practice.

downloadThis one-hour fitness  class combines ballet conditioning, interval cardio, Pilates, and yoga to strengthen your core, lengthen your muscles, center your mind and lift your spirits! This class produces visible results, impressive total-body toning and flexibility.

7What is Bellyfit®? To get an idea, here is a video of a Bellyfit® class!

Bellyfit® is a one hour Holistic fitness class created for Women. The cardio includes core based movements inspired by Belly Dance, Bhangra, African Dance, Bollywood, Indian Dance and more. Then we get our Yoga mats out and do Pilates inspired core work, and Yoga inspired stretching. We end class with a Mudra meditation for a few minutes to bring us back to our center with clarity and focus.

Bellyfit SAGE™ is a format with Zero to Low impact in the movement while maintaining the integrity of the core based movement in a regular Bellyfit® class. This class is great for anyone living with or recovering from some types of injuries to the knees, shoulders, back, etc. This is also a class for all older, active women who want to sweat and strengthen their core through intentional movement. Majority of core work and stretching are done standing or seated. This class is designed for mature women, beginners to fitness and women with reduced mobility who are seeking a gentler, more customized form of movement that honors their strength and their varied levels of ability. Expect all the signature elements that Bellyfit® offers through body, mind, and spirit, with a lower impact and opportunity for intentional, focused movement.

Bellyfit FLOW™ is a beautiful new format that is breaking down barriers between Yoga, Fitness and Dance.  Taught to amazing music at 100 BPM, Bellyfit Flow™ is a seamless, intelligent fusion of traditional fitness, Yoga and Bellyfit’s signature dance elements. Come see what the future of Yoga looks like…Bellyfit® style! Be prepared to get deep in Flow!


View More: is the owner and founder of Natural Body Works Wellness Center, a phenomenal massage therapist for 13+ years focusing with medical and rehab therapy.  She is a certified fitness instructor and for the last 13 years has focused in areas of yoga, in addition to being a certified fitness trainer,  as well as certified with Bellyfit®, and Barre instructor . This women rocks it all! With years of health and wellness experience under her belt as well as a passion for helping others through healing and feel their best, Shanna brings her own special individuality to every class.


With 7+ years experience as a Reiki Master, Teacher, Practitioner, as well as a Karuna® Reiki Practitioner, Loni has been able to provide a new connection for the body, mind and spirit. She also loves being able to share all formats of Bellyfit®, Yoga, and Barre. Using movement and strength to connect with others as well as allowing them to connect to themselves, creates empowerment and a higher level of self trust and acknowledgement. The spiritual connection through Reiki and Bellyfit®, Yoga, and Barre is a gift she has been given which you will immediately feel when you meet her and experience a new level of compassion and service.

ElisaElisa began her yoga journey about 4 years ago, on the recommendation of her doctor as an alternative to the anti-anxiety medications that she had been on.
After taking about a months worth of classes, she left to get her doctorate in Physical Therapy, but unfortunately, the anxiety disorder reared its face in true destructive fashion, and she was forced to drop out.
Returning to yoga and truly investing in it, and in turn, reaping the benefits of those investments, Elisa got certified to teach yoga after it successfully helped her be able to wean completely off of the medications. Her desire is to share the immense health benefits that yoga has with everyone that sets foot in the studio.
With her background in Physical Therapy, she strongly believes that not only is alignment key, but that safety in a pose is more important than trying to force the body into something it is not yet ready to achieve.
Her sincerest hope for her students is that they achieve their personal goals, while also working on our universal goals of building strength, flexibility, body awareness, mental acuity and developing the permeating peace that we can carry with us throughout our life journey.

img_4945Mckinzee is our newest fitness instructor in the Natural Body Works’ family! She has been dancing since she was 3 years old and has a passion for creative movement. You can build a strong dancer body with a ballet boot camp  and barre flow classes  while relieving stress in a calm relaxing environment, with cool down stretching before you go home. Mckinzee is a holistic massage therapist who believes self care is the best practice.


Private Instruction

Private sessions are a great way to check in on your alignment and get personalized coaching for your personal practice. Most of our instructors offer private sessions and can be scheduled by calling the shop at 360-694-97226.

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