Why Your Esthetician Thinks You Need a Natural Skincare Switch

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We choose whole natural foods when it comes to diet, so why not choose natural skincare as well? After all, your skin is the body’s largest organ; it absorbs whatever you put on it. What

herbs you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. Studies have found the face especially to be several times more absorbent than other broad body areas. It’s clear that what we use on our skin ends up inside our bodies and especially so on our face.

Chemicals, Colors, Fragrances, and Preservatives

When the body absorbs foreign chemicals, such as colors, synthetic fragrances and preservatives they make their way in to the blood and lymphatic system. Your body then needs to work harder to get rid of them. Most products contain allergens, irritants and proven carcinogenic chemicals. A good way to know if your skincare is natural is if you can read and pronounce all of the ingredients.

Examples of ingredients to avoid are:

-Synthetic colors: If the ingredients say D&C red 27, FD&C blue 1 these are synthetic colors. The European classification and labeling considers it a human carcinogen and the European Union has banned it.

-Fragrance: If it just says fragrance it’s usually a chemical concoction. Associated with dermatitis, allergies, and respiratory distress.75626-opener-prevent-acne-scars-png-660x0_q80_crop-scale_upscale

-Sodium Luaroyl sarcosinate: Can break down and form carcinogenic nitrosamines, can be a contact allergen.

-Potassium cocoyl glutamate: Derived from glutamaic acid- which is very similar to MSG. New chemical that hasn’t been studied much.

-Parabens: Contain estrogen mimicking properties associated with increased risk of breast cancer.

-Phenoxyethanol: Can cause skin and lung irritation, in high doses it is toxic.

Most people use 7-10 products on the body and face every day. Switching to natural skincare can dramatically decrease the toxin load your body works so hard to get rid of. Along with choosing products without chemicals it is also important to choose ones that are cruelty free. This is why we choose to use and sell natural products in our facials here at Natural Body Works.

Natural Products from Local Company Gifts From The Earth

I use natural skincare products from two different lines in my facials. The newest is a local company, Gifts From The Earth. These products are created using naturally sourced and derived ingredients. Gifts From The Earth products are free of synthetic and artificial ingredients including preservatives and artificial colors. They are fresh to order, no sitting on warehouse shelves for months at a time. The products are created using vibrational essences to help maintain our connection with natural earth cycles. Since products are made locally and fresh they have the ability to customize to specific skin care needs.


Gifts From The Earth’s moto is “if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin”. The products are created with clear, focused, and intentional blending processes in small batches . The products are cruelty free and free of animal ingredients. To top it all off, by using and selling these products we help to support a woman owned and operated small business.

Some of Gifts From The Earth‘s powerful ingredients are:

-Calendula officianalis- Antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, promotes healing.

-Chamomile- Encourages healing, anti-inflammatory, soothes eczema.

-Lavender- A favorite of this line, calming, healing, anti-bacterial.

-Avocado Oil- High in Vitamin A and E, nourishing, regenerating.

-Beeswax- Natural emulsifier, germ killing properties, leaves a protective barrier.

-Camellia Oil- Antioxidants, highly moisturizing, improves complexion.

-Evening Primrose- A rich source of GLA (fatty Acid), discourages dry skin and ensures that skin cell membranes are strong and stable.

-Jojoba Oil- Closest oil to human sebum.

-Clay- Rich in trace elements.

-Zinc- Reduces free radical damage.

-Vitamin C- counteracts free radical damage, helps scar repair by stimulating collagen.

natural-skincare-tease-today-160422_ec1776e96a98dba48e8006df2d7c39aeThere is nothing but good wholesome ingredients in the product, and also wholesome and good intent behind the product. To see the full list of ingredients, products, pricing and bio about the creator go to Giftsfromtheearth.com. I hope you choose a natural skincare routine. If you would like to make an appointment for a Natural Skincare Facial please go to Naturalbodyworksmassage.com or call 360-694-9726. Remember to book with Brianna for Gifts From The Earth Products.


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downloadBri has been an esthetician for 7 years and practiced massage since 2008. She specializes in natural skincare, relaxation, therapeutic, hot stone, and pre-natal massage techniques. As a skin care specialist she performs full body waxing, tinting, Micocurrent and European facials with all natural products.










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