Energy Recap | What You Gain From Release | By Loni Wise Reiki Master

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How do you breathe when you feel choked by the moment? What are you willing to face in order to tap your deepest source? Who do you choose to be in relationships when things get shaken up? These are a few of the questions I was asking myself last week with all the releasing that was moving through. The energy of the Super Moon, Solar Eclipse seemed to be challenging us to step up to the plate and embrace a new path of knowledge and existence. It also intensified the spiritual downloads that some were having (myself included), providing an opportunity for clarity and creating space within where things felt foggy.

It is a strange thing when you feel as if the lungs are empty and no air can get in. The body’s systems begin to work together to fix the issue but sometimes panic sets in, the heart races, the eyes grow wide as the realization sets in that you need air…NOW. When your energy is blocked it can manifest a similar experience to feeling as if you cannot breathe. As the Solar Eclipse burned through last Tuesday, it turned to ash all of the old stories you were done with. It burned some aspect of yourself that you had carried for a very long time and in an instant your highest consciousness decided to release it to the flame. These deep, deep releases can leave you feeling like there is a gaping hole in your lungs at first, however, with a little self-compassion, self-nourishment, and self-healing you can bring in the wholeness of a full breath that fills you with a light, that touches every particle of your existence! This light is available for you to access at any moment of your choosing and will allow you to function from full clarity, embodiment, wisdom and strength the more frequently you do it. 

For your spiritual journey, you may use tools such as meditation, movement, or energy healing to tap your deepest source. In your life there are moments when access to this energy feels halted by a block of energy, often ready to be released. You may connect this block to a specific instance or relationship within your life. It may be a deep wounding from a friend, parent, lover, or even a self-inflicted belief that holds you back from your most authentic existence. No matter what the block, this release will catapult you to a place in your heart that you may have never touched before and with that, you can feel an opening of source that some refer to as the “ah-ha” moment. This breath where things make sense and you feel a new vibration to the very core of your being. In this last week you may have tapped that source through your own courage to release a buried block and now you must look at what exists below. Remember to fill it with something loving and gentle.

As you are experiencing your own excavations, it is easy to forget that others are too. The pieces of yourself that feel challenged are going to be reflected in those around you. The people you choose to have in your life are not accidental and will be excellent teachers along your journey. When you acknowledge that everyone is experiencing these intense energies and emotions, you can then recognize that you have a choice on how to be, and who to be, within those specific relationships. You have a choice on whether you respond or react to others; you have a choice about diving in unconsciously or embracing every moment with an acute awareness and presence; you have a choice to pick an easy reason on the surface to leave or root into the moment and make a conscious decision to stay. You may have experienced some of these last week and it is not easy to see the available options with all the attachment and emotions that relationships can hold, but what a wondrous experience to take ownership of yourself and claim what you want give to another and yourself within an honored relationship. This is another way to access your inner source as well as the energy and light that is who you are at your most authentic existence.

No matter what the experience of last week was for you, know that you are through it and onto the next place. Smile as you are now exploring the space created by the burning down of the old, inner books and stories that no longer are true for you. Remember that when one door closes, another one opens and with every moment you are connected to your deepest source you reclaim the truth of your most abundant existence.


Loni Wise is a Reiki Master, Practitioner, Teacher, Karuna® Reiki Practitioner, Minister, Spiritual Healer, Bellyfit® Holistic Fitness Instructor, and community volunteer with a practice here at Natural Body Works Massage & Wellness Center. This is a guest post from her most recent Energy Recap on her blog found here. Sign up here and have her deeply insightful and timely updates sent to you directly!

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