What does it mean to be healthy?

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What is your self care regime?
How do you take care of your body when it is healthy or when it is injured?
Do you have a regular exercise practice?
What are your goals for a healthy body/mind?
What is your nutritional outlook?
Do you rest as often as you need to?
Do you over work yourself?
How do you speak to your self?
What is your outlook on life?

These are all great questions to ask your self when considering what it means to be healthy.

I have been a yoga therapist for 12 years and I love the philosophy, the physical healing properties, and the opportunities for constant learning.Yoga defines the body as yoking the entire body into one unit as a whole: body, mind, spirit.  Connecting the body on a mental and physical melding is often a challenge, then throwing in the spirit /soul/ the energy within us/ whatever you call it, is a whole additional challenge.  The lively hood of our body and our life depends on connecting all that we are meant to be to a healthy balance of a wondrous working physical vessel.

There are so many great lessons in life. Here is one.
We get one unique life friends.  I wish to spend mine as healthily and positively as I am able.  I wish for you to be able to be as healthy and happy as you are in your lives.  There are so many ways one can create a life they are grateful for, that they look forward to living.  One of the first things one can address is the immediacy of their own health.  Truly, the health of our bodies is the one gift we can give ourselves.

WE, have the power and ability to harness the strength to run our bodies in an efficient way with a well working physical machine, fueling it with nutritional sustenance, filling it with emotional strength of positive vibrational energy, and utilizing the gifts of this beautiful planet.  We have that ability to own our own purpose, by creating a life we can live each day with integrity. Living a life we desire.  We have the power to change everything by setting our goals and intentions.

We begin by Taking care of our physical body: preventative care.  Get the regular check ups at the right ages the doctors recommend.  There are plenty of alternative care options for those who are leery of traditional western medicine.  Get on the holistic path of wellness.  Get acupuncture, a massage, go to physical therapy if you are injured. Find a yoga class that fits your style.  Get energy work like reiki for emotional and mental support.  Find a counselor to speak to with aide for all the psychological help.  Find a chiropractor to address joint issues. Find a nutritional therapist if you are trying to establish healthy eating habits or have questions for what healthy eating even looks like.

Find a natural osteopathic practitioner who works with the holistic side of health addressing pain within the body.  Seek out a health care professional to help with pain management.  Seek out the resources available in your area to get on a regular monthly preventative care plan.  It is essential to keep your body in check.  Our bodies naturally carry so much tension and stress.  Our bodies will do what ever is necessary to keep us upright, so help it out by getting it stretched out, massaged out, worked out.

Exercise regularly.  By regularly I mean 3-5 days per week depending your age.  That could be a 30 minute walk daily. This can be broken up into segments if time is a barrier.  Did you know walking 3 times per week for 30 minutes can decrease the risk of heart failure? Amazing.  Heart disease is one of the major leading health factors for women.  Get outside friends, or get to the gym if you prefer.  Get a friend too, if you need or want help with accountability.

The flipside of exercising regularly….don’t over do it!  What does that even mean?!  Our bodies need rest too.  We need to allow them to heal in between vigorous exercising.  So if you’re pumping weights every day and doing cardio or boot camp or cross-fit, or what ever the new fad is, be sure to take a day off. Alternate your workout. It is essential. Our bodies get burnout.  Our bodies need rest.  I see so many clients pushing the bodies to extreme and in need of repair.  Take some time off. If you don’t want to go a whole day without some form of exercise, just switch it up.  Offer your body a more gentle approach for the health and longevity of your body.

Nutrition: Choose a food plan that fits a life of healthy habits.  I am a firm believer of everything in moderation.  I believe life is too short to give up all the things we love to eat that are not the best choices. I believe we have to break emotional eating, and eat for sustenance to fuel our bodies the best we can for optimal efficiency.  I also believe we need to indulge so we don’t get ‘hangry’.  I believe we need to cut out the SUGAR.  Did you know sugar is one of the most addictive substances people ingest?  More powerful than cocaine!  Liquid sugar is even more addictive!  IF you get off the pop – soda- what ever you call it,,, you will immediately drop some unwanted weight.  Amazing.

Positive self outlook: We have to love ourselves before we can even begin to love one another. So, if you keep putting yourself last, you gotta change that!  Burn out happens.  Stress and tension happen.  Find a way to take a few minutes each day to find your ‘ZEN’.  Take time to nurture yourself. Look into the mirror and see what you look like. Tell yourself something positive.  Look into your own eyes!  Positive self speak is important.  We are human, we mess up.  Forgive yourself.  Don’t criticize yourself or condemn yourself.  Tell yourself you will try better next time and then….try to not repeat the same thing, right!

Set goals for yourself!  Make a chart, a list, what ever you need to help you reach the goals.  Set attainable goals. Ones you can grasp with some commitment.  Then, commit to your self.  This could be simple. One time I had a goal to just sit for 10 minutes outside in the sunshine with no phone, no interruptions.  It was hard!  But, I found time, made it work.  Another goal is to get regular facials and regular massages to take care of my body!  So, finding time for make that work and then also budgeting it into my finances took some effort as it does for most of us.  What ever you set for your goals, try to find joy in it.  If it is not aiding in your healthy life style, omit it.  Set a mantra- a set of words you speak to yourself.  ” I am worthy to receive ‘this'”. Set your vibrational energy to be positive.  Speak in a way to uplift and ask for the things you desire in this world.

I share these ideas with you because this is how I live. I have a beautiful community of health care workers I network with to help myself but to also help all my clients to meet the best fit for whatever their bodies are needing.  Referrals for a personal recommendation is always the best in my opinion. Personal connection means building bridges to unite us all together to conquer the plan of health and wellness.  Operating my wellness center for the past 15 years has allowed me the opportunity to connect with such beautiful people who truly love to help others.

It is inspiring to continue to live a life of wellness as we all age.  A goal to age well and to live well. Living a life with a positive outlook helps to harness the beauty and energy the universe puts out.  We do have the power to create a life we love. We have the ability to change the course of our lives if we can recognize the opportunities.  If you don’t love your job, I encourage you to do some research to discover what interests you.  If you are living in a world of ‘what ifs’ then take a minute to jot the ideas on a paper and address them. Make a list of pros and cons, write in a journal, meditate.  Take the time to discover who you are or who you want to be.  Harness your life by creating a life you love by choosing to live.

Until next week friends….

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