The Power of Mantra by Loni Wise, Certified Reiki Master

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In recent years, Mantras have become a very popular tool to use in day to day practices as well as in many Yoga and spiritual practices. Mantras have been around in many different facets of life for centuries.

If you break down the word Mantra, ‘Man’ means mind and ‘Tra” means wave or vibration. Every living being has a physical energy or vibration within and around the physical body. A Mantra promotes a mental vibration or frequency that moves beyond our physical space into the world. This functions similarly to the practice of choosing our thoughts as they create our reality.

A Mantra is not a word or phrase you repeat to simply be saying it, you want it to carry purpose or intention. When you use your words to create conscious transformation and change it is important to use the power of presence. Bringing your presence and deep awareness to the purpose and intention of your chosen words or thoughts will intensify the vibration of the practice offering you the opportunity to truly shift an energy, feeling, emotion, or situation.

It is very important to understand the Mantra you choose as well as understanding the approach you take to obtain the desired outcome. When using this practice to help with manifesting particular traits, feelings or situational shifts through your thoughts and words, you will want to state very clearly what you DO want. For example if you say, “I don’t want to be afraid” the message you send to yourself resonates with what you don’t want. Try using “I have courage and am strong” instead, as this will state what you are.

You can experience a great deal of empowerment in the use of “I AM” statements. The entire energy of it translates to the very existence of what you already are.

Mantras are used in many different healing and spiritual practices. Using these intentional thoughts during meditation is a wonderful way to fully embrace the shift you are looking to create in your body, mind or spirit. For many the practice of Yoga is a spiritual journey itself and some Yoga instructors and teachers use ancient Mantras during classes in the form of chanting or singing. The following define some of these terms used for styles of Mantra:

  1. Chanting: rhythmically speaking the mantra.
  2. Japa: “Muttering, whispering” usually in reference to Mantras.
  3. Kirtana: Also known as Kirtan which is a form of devotional Yoga while singing songs in praise of a deity.
  4. Invocation: Speaking a Mantra in the form of a prayer.

One of the most popular ancient Mantras is OM which carries the vibration of birth, death, and rebirth. OM can calm the mind’s frequency. Different sounds, syllables, and frequencies are said to tap into certain healing centers in the body, mind, and spirit. Verdi tuning or scientific pitch tunes the A above middle C to 432 Hz which is considered to be the frequency of the universe (mathematically) yet it is also interesting to note that modern western music is tuned to 440 Hz. Using musical instruments, tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowls, we can adjust our pitch to match desired frequencies or simply rest in our natural resting resonance. It is an amazing thing that a simple vibration through our own voice is capable of showing us our own resonance with the universe as the universe.

Something really wonderful about vocalizing Mantras in a class setting is that the power of all the voices begin to resonate at the same timing and frequency, in turn raising the vibration of each participant. All of this is occurring while each individual is experiencing their own transformation from the feeling of their own voice moving through the body.

However you choose to work with Mantra you can ensure your success by connecting with presence and awareness. There are so many options available for you to use Mantras in your life. You can use your words or the words of the ancients to create spiritual connection for yourself and the world around you! Take care in knowing that your voice both inside and out can be a powerful tool of healing and spiritual connection.

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