• I absolutely love going to Natural Body Works! I have had many massages from the owner Shanna and I would not go anywhere else! She is really friendly and genuine and listens to you and your body in order to give you the absolute best massage. Last month I had a facial with Holly on the advice from my mother and it was AMAZING! Holly was awesome and she explained the entire process to me. My skin has never felt so great! I have met many of the employees there and they are all fantastic. You can tell when you walk in that they really truly care about you.

    Nicole A.
  • Where do I start? I don't even live in the 'couve but I can tell you every time Im in town, (3x yr) I am in this shop for more than one service! LOVE the new expansion. They have styled it perfectly to their class and taste which I totally identify with. I instantly feel at home. And let me tell you... expansion means a plethora of OPTIONS! Yoga, Massage, Tattoo Makeup, Facials, just to name a few. This last visit I took a simple yoga class from Shanna who led me grace and peace while we dug deep in those hard to reach and open places. You would never believe that Shanna wears so many hats (shop owner, massage therapist, mom, wife, and much more) because when she teaches her yoga class she is totally present in the room ready to lead you! I am a huge massage snob. I plan way in advance before getting to town to book a massage with Shanna because she is so incredibly gifted and knowledge about the body its no wonder she books months in advance! I will always visit Holly (Olalani Skin Health- inside natural body works. you can also see my detailed review on its separate biz page) because she makes me look 10 yrs younger!  I also love seeing how involved this shop is with the community of downtown Vancouver! I have not been in town yet at the same time an event is going on but I might have to coordinate that next time. This team really knows how to have fun and make you feel special! Let the whole staff of Natural Body Works do their magic on you, I know you will fall in love with them as I have!

    Ivy C.
  • Natural Body Works is an exquisite establishment.  In addition to the salon's beautiful atmosphere, the staff go above and beyond to ensure your experience is nothing short of stellar.

    Julie M.
  • Had permanent eyeliner done by Drew . If I had known it would have been that easy and look so good I would have done it long before! Thank you Drew!

    Belinda M
  • As a steel worker my body is almost constantly over stressed but Shanna sees the damage as a challenge and makes me feel human again. Absolutely the most amazing massage therapist I've ever seen.

    Dominick V.
  • Loved having my fingers and toes done by Becky today - professional, clean polish, great massages! Will definitely be going back!

    Amanda B.
  • Absolutely amazing. Fun friendly atmosphere. Love the space and the people. Such love and compassion. Will definitely be back. Thank you so much for sharing all of your gifts.

    Shawna M.

“Promoting the longevity of life with nurturing hands”