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“How much easier would it be to make positive changes if you were supported by 5-10 others who were looking out for you?”

This is the question posed by Sarah Byrnes in an article titled “How small groups can power big change.” Her assertion is that “people don’t stay deeply involved with a movement for long if they don’t make connections with others.”

She goes on: “Historically, this small group has been called the “affinity group.” The term can be traced back to the Spanish Revolution of the 19th century. In congregations, it’s called “small group ministry.” In the women’s movement in the 70s, small groups were called “consciousness raising groups.” Call it what you want, but the basic concept is the same: you’re human, so you need support and connection. You won’t really stick with a movement that fails to provide these things.” (May 16, 2012, Yes! Magazine)

When it comes to healing and caring for our bodies – beating illness, making significant life changes through the healing power of nutrition, working through an injury, getting fit, or learning to embrace our complex emotions – it can be a real challenge to go it alone.

Have you tried to go it alone? If you had the opportunity to join a small, close knit group that accepted you just the way you are while encouraging your growth, would that help you step into your strength and create real change?


There is a quiet accountability that comes with being part of a great group. As we practice connecting with others, it begins to feel more natural to show up and be present, check your ego at the door, hold space for others and for yourself, and be open to possibilities.

Embracing our human desire to connect is a powerful tool in creating the change you need to move forward in health and wellness. No matter your comfort zone, this Vancouver community offers opportunities to come together and get you moving in the right direction. Natural Body Works offers a wonderful collection of group fitness classes, as well as a soul-filling list of small group workshops on nutrition, energy, herbs, and wellness. Wherever your interests may lie, start exploring and get connected!

Dr. Jeni Gall is a licensed Physical Therapist, Orthopedic Movement Specialist, and owner of MovePT. She teaches a monthly group workshop series right here at Natural Body Works, and is the creator of Movement Labs – bringing people together to learn about pain and healing through movement education. Learn more about her monthly Self Care Movement Labs on our Natural Body Works Events page, and explore the full Natural Body Works Schedule of soul-filling group exercise and wellness classes.

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