Six Ways To Increase Circulation, By Brianna Prutz, LMT, Licensed Esthetician

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It is important to pay attention to your body and take action in improving your circulation. The circulatory system is negatively affected by eating unhealthy processed foods, stress, getting older, excess weight, smoking and having a sedentary lifestyle.

Taking these 7 steps can help prevent disease and cleanse the body of toxins, pollutants and chemicals.

1)      Activity

Having an active lifestyle is the most important aspect for improving circulation. If you have a lagging circulatory system you may feel tired or sluggish. Exercise helps immensely with increasing your energy and making sure your cardiovascular system is running smoothly.  Increasing your circulation by using activity doesn’t have to be hard work. You can go for awalk, a light jog,  ride your bike, or do some light resistance training.

2)      Vascular Flush

Heat helps draw blood to an area, so take a hot bath, put a heat pack around your neck, or go use the sauna at your gym. Using hot and cold packs alternating can increase circulation as well. Use a hot pack in an area for 10 min then switch it out with a cold pack for 5 minutes. The heat helps draw blood to the area and the cold helps to decrease inflammation. This technique is especially helpful for injuries.

3)      Massage

We all know massage feels good but it has so many other positive effects on the body. One of which being an increase in circulation. Getting a massage helps stimulate blood and lymph by moving it around.  Tight muscles and inflammation can block pathways that your circulatory system brings nutrients to. So get a massage and help your body out, maybe even add a little peppermint oil to boost the circulatory flow even more.

4)      Stretching

Get out the yoga mat and stretch it out. Any way you can stimulate your muscles will increase blood flow and therefore stimulate your circulation. We all need to stretch, not just when we are hurting, but every day, because it helps prevent injuries and it just plain feels good.

5)      Eating Healthy

Eating highly processed foods adds toxins and chemicals to your body, which makes your body have to work harder to eliminate them. So eating a clean diet lightens the burden of eliminating those toxins and helps the body work more efficiently. Eat your veggies, avoid fast food or prepackaged food, and moderate your alcohol consumption.

6)      Drink Water

When you are dehydrated your circulation doesn’t move smoothly, and has a harder time flushing out those toxins. To increase your hydration levels try adding a little fresh lemon and a small amount of real mineral rich salt to it. Adding the salt to you water acts like an electrolyte drink but without all the added sugars and food dyes.

7)      Manage Your Stress

Every part of your body is affected by stress, your muscles, joints, skin and internal organs. Take a little time every day to do something that helps your relax. Don’t stress over the little things, and try to stay in the moment.

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