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When it comes to back pain, there is of course a variety of options for managing the pain.  Most these days would rather look to pain medication or steroids for pain relief as opposed to physical exercise. However, if you are among those of us who try to steer clear of medications and steroids and also don’t feel that we have the energy at the end of the day to go exercise, then we must look into other methods of relieving back pain.

We applaud you for looking into natural treatment methods for your discomfort.  There can be significant drawbacks to using pain medication or steroids and with exercise there is always the risk of greater pain through injury or overwork.  It’s a good idea to try natural and safe treatments before such measures and especially before something as drastic as surgery.

Two natural and safe methods for relieving back pain are massage therapy and chiropractic care. Both options can be an effective method for relieving back pain without risk to your body’s well-being.  Although these methods are similar in what they can accomplish, the way they approach the problem is very different.

Chiropractic Care:

Chiropractic care focused primarily on the spine especially when it is trying to alleviate back pain. A chiropractor works to correct any subluxations, which are slight misalignments of the vertebrae.  Since the nervous system runs through the spine at some point, correcting any misalignments in the spine can bring about pain relief throughout the body.

Massage Therapy:

A massage therapist on the other hand will focus on the back muscles, circulation, and stress of the patient to bring about pain relief.  Through massage the body releases natural chemicals which reduce stress and allow for a better night of sleep.  Loosening the tight muscles around the spine can relieve pressure which may be the cause of pain rather than a misalignment.  This stress which can cause muscle tightness can cause back pain and worsen as time goes on. Besides the immediate physical benefits of message, there is also the added psychological effects of decreased anxiety and depression.

To Each Their Own — Find Out Which Works for You

Massage therapy is more of a full body approach while chiropractic care tries to pinpoint the cause of pain.  It is difficult to know which will be an effective treatment without giving each a try. With a limited budget it may be more worthwhile to try the whole body approach first, since massage therapy may be the answer to your back pain and will also provide other physical and psychological health benefits along the way.

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