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This time of year we all get a little excited with the love, cheer, family, and food. The holiday season always revolves around food, lets be honest, any celebration does, but Thanksgiving especially is a holiday just for eating. With that in mind we don’t always consider our healthy eating plans and we tend to fall off “The Wagon” per se and indulge in things like cheese, cookies, candy, wine, egg nog…. You get the point.

I’m not here to judge or point any fingers at the choices made because one of the number one causes of stress is guilt and we can’t detox if we’re stressed. So lose the guilt, the choices were made, life moves on. I am here, however to discuss the art of the detox and how to do it, and how to feel good while doing it.

The first step in doing a detox correctly is setting aside the time in your calendar so you can complete it. Diets come and go but to detox properly is not to falter. Not to say that you can’t do it, of course you can, its just that not going through with it can cause more harm than it does good. When we bring toxins to the surface we want to give them a full release, a proper send off if you will.

The next step is planning and food prep. The more you like your food or have set a time aside to create this food so your not starving and just eat what is available, then the more success you have to look forward to.

Okay so now that you have made a date with your detox and have prepped all of your lovely meals, lets talk details.

Detox Do’s and Don’ts

The “no” foods on a detox are going to be anything that comes from a box, anything processed, anything that starts with soy or high fructose, or sugar breads, pastas, cookies, all grains really, we’re going sugar free…. You get it, we are eating clean!

Here are some more specific guidelines:

Start your morning off with lemon in your water

Eat your breakfast within one hour of waking to support your blood sugar and eat every five hours, equaling three meals a day. Try not to snack, unless you have diabetes, we are giving the liver a well deserved break.

Eat protein

Eat fat (coconut oil, butter, ghee, tallow)

Eat fermented foods to help your digestion eliminate those toxins.

Eat a ton of vegetables

Try to eliminate dairy and night shades (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant) if you can, these really go the extra mile

Try not to eat in between meals to give your liver a break

Drink plenty of water, 120oz/day is perfection!

So basically with this we are helping blood sugar, removing inflammatory foods, removing excess estrogen from the liver….Still with me?

SO if you really want to go further you can remove caffeine from your daily routine to help support the adrenals and preserve your natural energy.

On this new plan you may experience a few changes, the best way to support your immune system while going through this is by making sure to relax. Decompress when you can with a nice Epsom salt bath, make sure to shower afterward, you don’t want to keep the toxins released during the bath.

During a detox excessive exercise is never recommended. When trying to correct blood sugar and re calibrate the digestive process too much cortisol output will make matters worse and you will feel run down.

The best nutrients to take during a detox are magnesium to help you relax, holy basil to stabilize blood sugar, lemon balm and D3 for mood support and last but not least molybdenum if you are feeling any flu like symptoms.

Now let’s recap:
Eat clean
Take care of you body
And just be mindful of your choices 🙂

Have fun and check out the links below!

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