Bellyfit®: Holistic Fitness Inspiring Women

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By Loni Wise, Bellyfit® Instructor, Master Trainer Mentor

Bellyfit® is not about dirty dancing – and it doesn’t take you to La La Land with the holistic approach. Bellyfit® is about connection with spirit, sensuality (senses), embodiment, strength, balance, and women connecting to their wild and awakened selves. Over the last several years the fitness industry has changed. Several years ago Zumba was the class to attend because of its crazy fun “fitness party” atmosphere.

The industry has opened a doorway more recently to breaking down the body and rebuilding. Intense training with classes like TRX, Crossfit, and Boot Camps can be hard on our body, mind and spirit balance. These appeal to the masses because if you aren’t sweating and ready to die, you must not be working out right? Fortunately, not.

The traditional Yoga, Pilates, and Barre classes have been around for years and challenge the body and mind in many empowering ways. Additionally, it can even add an element of spirituality. Fitness is in the eye of the beholder and I wanted something that would move my body and make me feel healthy. Not just in my body but in all aspects of me. Bellyfit® is that class.


It’s fun to experience people’s reactions when I say I am a Bellyfit® instructor. I often hear, “Oh, I need to get my belly into shape.” To which I respond, “Well, Bellyfit® does that for women AND so much more!!” Bellyfit® is the world’s leading holistic fitness experience created for women and embraces ancient formsimages of movement and celebration such as Belly Dance, Bhangra, African Dance, Bollywood, and Hula in a modern day, fitness style class. In one hour you experience connection, alignment, heart pounding sweat, isolation, core/strengthening work, stretching, and self-connection.

And yes, this is only for women. This class offers movement to a broad range of ability. A woman who hasn’t worked out in 20 years a woman who works out 3x a week can both attend the same Bellyfit® class. They will both leave feeling strong, nourished and fulfilled. This class also serves women from a body, mind, spirit and overall life perspective with the movements containing the elements of being balanced yet fierce, grounded yet flowing, and sweating yet happy about it!


It is a beautiful thing to walk into a class after a stressful day and leave with the knowledge that the world supports you, that you are worthy of love and kindness and that you are strong and healthy exactly as you are. Bellyfit® is so much more than a “fitness class”. It is a vehicle that brings a deepened awareness of the vitality and life force within. The ancient practicesbelly-fit of movement feel natural to the body and offer exploration of balancing the masculine and feminine, known as Yin and Yang energies which rest within each of us.

The music is created specifically for Bellyfit® classes. It is an invitation to move your body and connects you (almost on a cellular level) to be inspired and free. Bellyfit® also creates a sense of community for all women, beyond the class, that empowers all women to feel acceptance of their body, mind and spirit. It ignites a sisterhood, all-inclusive to size, shape, ethnicity, ability, race or faith. Imagine a fitness class that moves with passion and wisdom to heal the world one sister at a time.


There is a format of Bellyfit® for every woman. Original Bellyfit® is a great class to embrace strong cardio, core-based movements inspired by ancient cultures and designed specifically for the female body. The cardio portion of class is done with shoes and the core and stretch done barefoot on a Yoga mat.


Bellyfit FLOW™ is a fusion class based on more of a Yoga style influence.05feae8a164304b9169af0eaa35e0be6 We combine it with the strength and knowledge of the original format. This on is done completely barefoot on a Yoga mat.


Bellyfit SAGE™ is similar to the original format. It has a slightly slower tempo for those who want to sweat and tone without impact. The core and stretch are all done with chairs for balance and support. This class is especially great for anyone healing from an injury or surgery.

With something for every woman, come out and find a class today!




With 7+ years experience as a Reiki Master, Teacher, Practitioner, as well as a Karuna® Reiki Practitioner, Loni has been able to provide a new connection for the body, mind and spirit. She also loves being able to share all formats of Bellyfit®, Yoga, and Barre. Loni uses movement and strength to connect with others as well as allowing them to connect to themselves. This creates empowerment and a higher level of self trust and acknowledgement. The spiritual connection through Reiki and Bellyfit® and Yoga is a gift she has been given. She invites you to experience a new level of compassion and service with her at a class or reiki session.

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