Bellyfit® is a one hour Holistic fitness class created for Women. The cardio includes core based movements inspired by Belly Dance, Bhangra, African Dance, Bollywood, Indian Dance and more. Then we get our Yoga mats out and do Pilates inspired core work, and Yoga inspired stretching. We end class with a Mudra meditation for a few minutes to bring us back to our center with clarity and focus.

Bellyfit SAGE™ is a format with Zero to Low impact in the movement while maintaining the integrity of the core based movement in a regular Bellyfit® class. This class is great for anyone living with or recovering from some types of injuries to the knees, shoulders, back, etc. This is also a class for all older, active women who want to sweat and strengthen their core through intentional movement. Majority of core work and stretching are done standing or seated. This class is designed for mature women, beginners to fitness and women with reduced mobility who are seeking a gentler, more customized form of movement that honors their strength and their varied levels of ability. Expect all the signature elements that Bellyfit® offers through body, mind, and spirit, with a lower impact and opportunity for intentional, focused movement.

Bellyfit FLOW™ is a beautiful new format that is breaking down barriers between Yoga, Fitness and Dance.  Taught to amazing music at 100 BPM, Bellyfit Flow™ is a seamless, intelligent fusion of traditional fitness, Yoga and Bellyfit’s signature dance elements. Come see what the future of Yoga looks like…Bellyfit® style! Be prepared to get deep in Flow!



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