A little about Osteopathy, what is it?

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Osteopathy by definition is the medical practice emphasizing the treatment of medical disorders through manipulation and massage of bones, joints and muscles.
What does that have to do with me?
Well, I am attending school to become a certified manual osteopathic practitioner.

How is that different than a typical Osteopath?  Well, I don’t write prescriptions.
I still get to work with clientele to help alleviate pain, help with joint, bones and muscle issues of the body.  I get to work to educate clients for optimal wellness for their journey in their health.

How is that different than what I do now?  I am a certified medical massage therapist and structural integrative therapist specializing in rehabilitative massage.  That’s a lot of words meaning I work with the integrity of the body structure of the bones and joints to create pain free movement and help the muscles release through joint play.  I work currently with practices of Muscle Energy Techniques to stimulate blood flow, contraction and release forms to promote healthy tissue to heal with in client ailments.  I work to lengthen the muscles or release the muscles from their structures binding them unnecessarily.  I am a medical massage practitioner working daily to better the lives of my clients.

What does that have to do with Osteopathy?  I want to help people with their bodies – my clients. I want to help the mental energy of my clients living in pain or discomfort.  I want to help my clients move freely with a body which serves them well.  I decided many years ago, that for my own growth as a massage therapist I would always focus my continuing education on that of the medical side, health side, physical side of healing the body.  SO, that means I needed to learn how the body works and moves on a deeper level of course. I have completed nearly 1000 hours of continuing education in the field of medical /rehabilitative/ physical fitness/nutrition/ special energy techniques/MET/Structural Integrative Techniques/Advanced Deep Tissue/ Yoga/Fitness Trainer/ and the list goes on….but I want more.
I want more education and more tools in my belt.  I am constantly getting clients in my office asking for help with chronic issues and it is challenging as a health care worker if I cannot help address the issues for pain free body movement.  My clients leave feeling better, happier, they can move more, they learn how to take care of themselves better with self care and homework exercises.
Osteopathy seemed to be the best next course for me to dive into.  I will be a Certified Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (COMP) once I complete my doctorates course work.  This course has the same theory of the practices I already believe in.  The same practices  I already utilize.  Osteopathy has a Holistic health approach to heal the whole body through the manipulation and massage of the muscles, joints and bones of the body.  My doctorates program focuses the energy of the body as a connected unit, a working machine and encompasses all aspects to making the body run efficiently.  I am learning in great depth the body on a medical aspect so I will be able to approach and help my clients more effectively.  From nutrition, to neurology, from physiological to behavioral, and from internal (endocrinology to respiratory) to external (biomechanical), my goals are the same….help my clients as much as I can.

SO, I am on this journey with my heart in it, my education growing again, and the journey of my doctorates program well under way.  I am grateful to have found the next challenge for me to grow in my knowledge, to connect with my passion for serving the community by way of health and healing, with the holistic approach and healing approach of being a manual osteopathic practitioner.  I look forward to sharing more tips on health in up coming blogs. I have my website where you can find my practice: www.naturalbodyworksmassage.com I am on Instagram and FB as well.  Stay tuned friends, as  my journey of this path continues.

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