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Hey everyone, I am Shanna Arno, the owner and founder of Natural Body Works Massage and Wellness Center.  I live and work downtown Vancouver WA, in the beautiful PNW.  I have had my business for 15 years focusing my work in the field of rehabilitation massage, nutrition, natural health care, and holistic wellness as a reiki practitioner.  I am a certified teacher in various fitness education formats including yoga, barre, bellyfit, and I am also a certified fitness trainer for my clients.  I love teaching and educating my clients how to use their bodies well, how to heal themselves, and how to create a life they love. I love working in the preventative care field, as well as helping in recovery. I love being part of the community downtown, exploring the world and helping how I can by ripple effect of spreading good energy in all I do.  I love working with women especially with teaching and leading women’s retreats, exploring this beautiful world we live in.
I have decided recently to move forward with more education… again (yay)!  I love learning advanced techniques to help further my own practice, to help my clients more completely and to stay at the top of my game with my massage practice.  I am constantly learning and wondering what my next adventure will be. I recently decided to move in the field of Osteopathy!  I am so excited to share this journey with any who are interested.  I am 3 months in the program of a 2 year intense journey and after I graduate, I will have the rights to claim that I will be a DOMP – Doctorates- Osteopathic Manual Practitioner!  I am an eager student who always wants to succeed to help people to feel better in their bodies, to move as pain free as possible, and to I love to help guide them with the wide range of questions related in the health care field with some answers to help them understand their body as the machines they are.  The human body is truly amazing in all it does.  I am dedicated to learning to help the body work more efficiently.  I am excited to help my clients more completely to be healthy in any way I am able.
So join me if you like, as I dabble to write in this forum of the online world about what I do in my treatment room.  I have a presence on Fb and Instagram if you wish to follow there as well.  From  healing the heart, the body, the mind, to nutrition, to stretching, to exercises for strengthening or training, to learning self care to self massage, from techniques to help sleep better or eat better, to live better so you can love better, join me on a journey to a life of wellness and we can explore together.

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