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What is a Chakra?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word defined as a wheel or disk. In Eastern belief and current practices such as yoga and Reiki, Chakras are spinning vortexes (wheels) of energies located in 7 areas of the body that run along the spine. When the Chakras are not functioning optimally, it weakens the bodies Ki (key) or Chi (chee), life force energy and the body becomes susceptible to illness and disease.

Here is the quick guide to the 7 main Chakras and how they function within your being.


  1. Base/Root Chakra:This energy center encompasses the lower sexual and reproductive system, the tail bone, legs, and feet. The energy represented is a need for safety, feeling provided for, and physical actions. It is also responsible for being grounded and our feelings of fight or flight in situations of fear or danger. It is represented by the color red and connects to the energy of earth.


  2. Belly/Sacral Chakra:The belly Chakra is represented by the spleen, ovaries, urinary tract, uterus, kidneys and adrenals. Energetically this space is expressed through our emotional needs, boundaries and trust. It also is in charge of attachments, habits and addictions, but also joy and new beginnings. It’s color is orange and connects to the element of water.


  3. Solar Plexus Chakra:Physically this energy contains the pancreas, stomach, liver, small intestine, blood sugar and digestion. Each of these pieces represent the way we digest not only our food but the occurrences of life including will power, control of self and others, beliefs and thoughts and self worth. It is the “central star” of the body that represents our core power. The color is yellow and it carries the element of fire.


  4. Heart Chakra:Included in this space is the thymus, heart, breathing allergies, lungs, blood pressure, lymph, and immune system. The heart carries trust, lovingness, the ability of being gentle with self and other, forgiveness, and self growth. It is the space we love from and a safe place for the emotions. It’s color is green and holds the element of air.


  5. Throat Chakra:The throat physically holds the thyroid, neck, ears, atlas, respiratory system, sinus allergies, and colds. This energy is expressed through communication of feelings and thoughts. Speaking your truth, speaking creativity; but also hearing and listening to not only others but our own intuition. The color is blue and the element is ether.


  6. Brow Chakra:The brow Chakra is represented by the pituitary gland, hypo-thalamus, and eyes. It is located in the forehead between the two eyebrows. This represents visualization, strong intuitiveness, some forms of clairvoyance, and listening to your own guidance and self awareness. It’s color is indigo and the related element is thought.


  7. Crown Chakra:The crown is located at the top of the head and includes the pineal gland, hair, head, and the central nervous system. This Chakra represents the elimination of duality, a oneness with self and others. It also contains a sense of peace, spirit and love. The color is violet and the element is light.



    There are many different aspects to the Chakras that go into thought patterns, emotions, and physical discrepancies. You can find many ways to connect to your own Chakras through meditation, Yoga, Bellyfit®, or Tai Chi classes, but also Reiki and Chakra balancing.  The important thing about going deeper into the Chakras is to take the information that resonates for you and let the rest go, this way you can build your own self awareness on your own journey.




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