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These 5 Yoga poses will promote the relief of stress and complete relaxation in the body. These are great for the beginner as well as anyone who practices Yoga daily. A wonderful asset to have in your arsenal of health and wellness practices to get you through any day of the week.

Childs Pose

  • Sit with the hips pressing down toward the heels.

  • Extend the arms out in front of the body, being sure to keep the shoulders blades stretching down the back towards the hips.

  • Modification: take the knees wide on the mat to relieve stress on the pelvic floor.This pose is good for all over relaxation, promoting the release of stress. Taking deep breaths and allowing the belly to press gently on the legs, creates space for the breath to move itself into the back of the body.


    Legs Up the Wall

  • Come onto the back, sliding the bottom to the wall.
  • Extend the legs up the wall.
  • Let the sacrum become heavy, as if dripping into the floor.
  • Tuck the chin slightly allowing the spine to fully elongate and stretch.This stretch will inspire circulation throughout the body beginning at the feet and moving into the belly to assist with healthy digestion. Seeing the world from a new point of view offers new perspective in other places throughout life.


    Spinal Supine Twist

  • Lay down with your arms stretched out and knees bent; feet flat on the mat.
  • Lower both legs across the body, keeping the shoulders pressed to the mat.
  • Modification: place a bolster or support under the legs to relieve stress on the spine.
  • Alternate, twisting to both sides of the body.Truly a great way to bring blood and oxygen to the spine as well as into the digestive system. This stretch helps to relax the back muscles from the low back up to the shoulders all while allowing the mind to quiet and slow down.


    Reclined Bound Angle Pose (Butterfly)

  • Laying on your back, bend the legs placing the feet together on the mat.
  • Press the souls of the feet together and release the legs to the floor.
  • The arms can relax out away from the body, palms up.
  • Modification: place blocks or pillows under the legs for additional support.The benefits of this stretch support the inner thighs and increases range of the external rotation of the hips. This can also calm the nervous system to improve digestion, as well as increase blood circulation to the lower abdomen.



    Corpse Pose

  • Lay flat on your back.
  • Let the feet fall open and the hands rest palms up to receive.
  • Modification: add bolster under knees to support lower back or neck to support head.This final relaxation may not appear to be much, however after moving your body this moment of stillness promotes deep stress release from the body, the muscles and joints. Mentally this can lead the mind into self-acceptance through experiencing peace and connecting to your breath. This is a perfect pose to release the mental and physical aspects of the being and let the heart soar.


    For more information and additional poses visit yogajournal.com

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