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We know hydration is important. 8 glasses a day and all that jazz, right?  But what’s really happening in your body when you have, or more likely in our culture, don’t have the proper hydration? Water is responsible for a plethora of vital body functions, things like electrical energy production, chemical reactions, detoxification, lubrication, nutrient and hormone allocation and production, and so much more! No wonder we can’t live without it! But the real kicker here is that most people are chronically dehydrated, and don’t even know it.  Hydration could be the magic bullet you never knew you always had. Check this out-

5 things you never knew about hydration that will change your life:

1.) Studies have shown that for every 1% loss of hydration in the cell, there is an even greater loss of energy production… up to 10%! WOW!  That means that just 3% dehydration can leave you with 30% less energy production in your cells!  So what does that mean for our lives when we don’t get the hydration we need?  Tired, weight gain, stress increase, loss of focus, aches, pains, disease, and well . . . . a whole lot of nasty stuff.  Feeling like you could go for a glass of water right about now? Me too!

2.) Not all liquids hydrate.  Quenching your thirst and hydrating your cells can be two completely different things. This is important, especially if you’re anything like my friends in Spain who go for a nice cold beer or Coke when they are feeling thirsty (p.s. if you are feeling thirsty you are already dehydrated).  To make your hydration count, make sure you are drinking AGUA . . that’s right, good old fashioned water is what you need. But I’ll let you in on a little secret – herbal teas count! And so do infused waters 😀

3.) Every serving of caffeine requires and extra infusion of hydration:  Are you a big coffee drinker. Maybe 1,2,3 cups a day?  If so, you need an extra 1,2,3 cups a day of your favorite liquid hydration to counter act the dehydration effects of caffeine, sugar and chemicals in some of today’s plethora of drink options 😉

4.) What you drink out of matters: Ok, this matters for a couple reasons.  First of all, we don’t want to drink out of any materials that are leaking toxins into our water. Try to steer clear from plastics.  And definitely don’t drink water that’s been left in a plastic bottle out in the heat, this is an equation for even more chemicals to seep into the water.  These nasty chemicals are known hormone disruptors and can in turn throw off the entire homeostasis of your body (icky!).  Glass bottles are a great choice and you’ll probably notice your water tastes better. Another reason to make a conscious choice about what you drink water from is the inspiration factor. The more inspired you feel to pick up that water bottle, glass, or pitcher, the more likely you are to get your water intake for the day.

5.) Don’t drink your water with your meals. Sounds a little counter culture I know, but you’ll thank me for it later 😉  Many people don’t realize that bad digestion doesn’t only have to do with stomach aches and bowel movements, it’s also a huge player in the strength of your immune system, mood, energy levels, and chronic disease and discomfort?  No thanks!  To take the best care of your tum-tum make sure to space out your drinking and your eating.  Drinking water with a meal takes energy away from digestion and waters down your natural digestive enzymes and stomach acids that help you digest food properly. Give your digestion a 20 min window before a meal and up to an hour after before drinking any liquids.


Here’s to a happy tummy, mind, and cells 😉


What’s your favorite way to stay hydrated?  Leave a comment below and share the goods <3





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