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I can open most women’s bathroom cabinets and find hundreds of dollars worth of beauty products, claiming to be anti-aging, firming, and brightening.  I can call local spas to hear about advanced treatments to remove a wrinkle here, lift a brow there or fill a gap here. Most women are left disappointed when the product doesn’t work or the advanced treatment leaves a face with less unique physical characteristics and not appearing any younger. 

There is a reason the cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar business.  They have excellent marketing teams to sell buzz words such as ‘anti-aging’ or ‘dramatically diminishes the appearance of…”. What it lacks is education about the function of skin. When you understand how the largest organ in the body works, you can choose the best products to heal, nourish and protect your skin resulting in balanced, younger looking skin. Here are a few key elements to creating healthy skin from the inside out.

  1. Know your skin type.Your skin type is determined by how many pores you see on your face. It is never based on the condition of your skin, such as dry, flaky or acne.  Look in the mirror to see the size of your pores over your nose and cheekbones. If you don’t see any pores at all, you have dry skin type. If you see pores on your nose, between your eyebrows and on your chin, you have normal/combination skin type. If you see pores across your nose and up the cheekbones to your ears, you have oily skin type. No matter how your skin is behaving, if you use products for your skin type, you will have more success avoiding oily, pimply/dry, flaky, inconsistent skin condition.


  2. Your skin is fighting for balance.Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, its health functions similarly to the other organs. The skin generally creates the proper amount of oil to nourish our cells well when we use a moisturizer matching our skin type. When we don’t use a moisturizer or one not meant for our skin type, we create a condition of dry, irritated skin, horrible acne, or a constant oil-slick feeling. Hormonal imbalances in your body can also result in a decrease or increase of oil production.


  3. Exfoliation is key to younger skin.Generally, the cell metabolism rate of skin is 1 day for each year of your life. For example, I am 40 years old. I am stuck with the same skin for 40 days before my body will naturally slough off the dead, top layer of the epidermis. That is 40 days of constant sun exposure and toxins creating free radical damage on the skin. For 40 days  the unhealthy foods I eat and the wine I drink, strain on the collagen and elasticity. For 40 days stress works my furrowed brow into permanence. You can increase the cell metabolism of the skin by including a light exfoliation in once or twice a week to fight the effects of aging. There are two different types of exfoliants; manual and enzyme. The most common type for at-home treatments is a manual exfoliant using sugar or ground seeds as a base to gently scrub off dead skin. Enzyme exfoliants use plants, fruits or chemicals to dissolve the dead skin without any manual manipulation. If you have dry or normal/combo skin  it is recommended to exfoliate once per week, whereas having oily skin type allows exfoliation up to two times per week.


  4. Nourish your skin.You hear about the importance of eating foods with high levels of nutrients and anti-oxidants to nourish and heal your body. The same goes for the skin. The only way to heal skin of free-radical, oxidized damage is by nourishing our skin with high levels of anti-oxidants found in high quality masques. Adding a masque immediately after you exfoliate enables skin to absorb the most nutrients and vitamins from the masque.


  5. Not all skin care products are created equal.

    If the intention is to heal your skin, it is important to read the ingredients of your skin care products, just like you would for The food that you eat. Your skin will absorb all the elements in the products you apply on a cellular level. The chemicals commonly added to many skin care products have cancer causing agents such as parabens or phthalates, assisting in the creation of free radical damage and premature aging. This includes many of the popular skin care lines sold today.  

As a licensed esthetician since 2010, I have learned there are no two skin types or conditions alike. Each of you are as unique as the stars in the sky.  If you are frustrated with your complexion and would like more personalized information on how you can achieve balanced, younger looking skin, schedule your 75 minute Custom Organic Facial with Holly today! I look forward to going on this journey with you.

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