5 Simple Habits Of People with Beautiful Skin, By Jayme Hayward, Advanced Aesthetics Specialist

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1.      Be a little type A

I mean this in two ways…. Being organized, regimented and rigidly faithful to your skincare regime is the best way to make your skin look better. Skipping days on vacation or too tired to wash your face at night? These beauty blunders will not help you move toward your glowing skin goals. Second, everyone over the age of 30 should be using a vitamin A product of some kind. This includes the broad spectrum of Retinoids like Retin-A orRetinol. Obviously, I am partial to my favorite lineCosmedix and their full line of retinols like the universally gently Serum 16, or super powerful Define Plus.

*PRO-TIP: Always use retinols at night as they increase your skins’ sun sensitivity.

2.      Don’t scrub your skin to death….really….

I can’t tell you how many of my clients get addicted to that squeaky-clean feeling of over doing it on the exfoliants. These include at home microdermabrasion kits, gels, scrubs and in home peels. Yes, you feel soft, smooth and fabulous, but your skin needs some dead skin as a natural protectant and to hold in moisture. If you over kill (literally) your skin with exfoliants your skin will actually end up with drier and duller skin which makes you want to exfoliate more…. It’s a vicious cycle. So stick to what the product labels and your skincare provider tell you. Only exfoliate 2-3 times per week. I love Cosmedix Purity Detox scrubbing grains which you can mix with any of your favorite cleansers for gentle yet effective buffing.

*PRO-TIP: Mix Purity Detox Scrub with Purity Deep Cleansing Oil for skin so soft you’ll freak.

 3.      Sop up the serums

If you’ve never used a serum because you’re in the ‘cleanse-moisturize-repeat’ skincare regimen, I’d say it time to step up your game. Serums are the skin treatment champion fighters, the part of your daily skincare routine that gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Your skincare provider will help you to decide which treatment serum is best for you as they range from wrinkle-fighting peptide serums (CosmedixCell I.D.) to brightening like (Cosmedix Simple Brillant), to clarifying (Cosmedix Clarity Serum), to highly protective antioxidant serums like (Cosmedix affirm). Each serum is meant to be put on clean skin prior to applying your moisturizers and sunscreens so that they can penetrate deeply and do their given job. Whatever skin concern you may have, I assure you, we have a serum for that.

*PRO-TIP: Cocktail your serums for multiple benefits. Yes, you can mix and match with Cosmedix because our products are so pure and chirally correct. So you want antioxidents and peptides? Go for it! Your skin will thank you.

 4.      Don’t stop at your jawline

The skin on your neck, chest, and back of your hands will age you as much as your face, but people tend to only focus on their faces. Please, please….I beg of you! Bring your serums, creams and sunscreens all the way down to your chest and rub whatever is left on the back of your hands (not a towel). The skin on these areas is thicker and takes longer to repair so if you can prevent the damage in the first place, please start now!

*PRO-TIP: If you are already seeing the dark spots and wrinkles on your chest or the back of your hands, don’t panic. Try a peel! Yes, they are not just for faces. Check out our Fall Special Peel Deals this season!

5.      Eye cream is NOT optional

We’ve all been beat over the head with experts telling us to wear sunscreen daily and yeah, I think we all finally get it! Most of my new clients tell me they use sunscreen daily and that is fabulous! Keep it up.  However, where do we first show signs of aging? Our eyes. So, why then do so many people think that a moisturizer designed for the face will work just as well on their eyes? Your eyes have very minimal natural oil producing glands which leaves them naturally drier. Pair that with our constant facial expressions (think of folding a piece of paper thousands of times) and voila, wrinkles! Good eye creams are super hydrating and protecting of the delicate eye area to prevent the wrinkles. Many also include ingredients to help fight puffiness, dark circles and over all brightening. My personal daily regimen is to use Cosmedix Opti Crystal serum at night to treat dark circles and prevent  deep wrinkles and Cosmedixeye genius during the day to de-puff and brighten.

*PRO-TIP: Don’t skip your eye area when applying most serums and even retinols (yes, I said retinols). Your wrinkles won’t stand a chance.

-Jayme Hayward

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