Top 5 Tips to help you prep for the Holidays

Every year people make those subtle allowances and justifications to eat whatever they want during the holidays. After all of the hard work spent eating right and getting on track it slowly slips away from temptation and lack of accountability.  I know this because every year around this time it’s like a ghost town in my office. All that hard work goes quickly out the window and the promise to get back to it is pushed to Jan 1. The sad truth is, when is the yo-yo mentality going to stop? When will people recognize that healthy food can be delicious too? Your health needs to be a priority and seen as a lifestyle not a season. For those of you who need a reminder or aren’t quite there yet, here is my top five list of what will get you healthfully through this season.

#1 Switching up your food by faking yourself out

Mashed Potatoes can be just as delicious with different ingredients, have you ever tried a white sweet potato/cauliflower mash before? It tastes exactly the same and leaves you with no remorse! You can also add all the butter and salt you want as long as it’s the good kind 😉

How about Gluten Free Stuffing?  Gluten Free Mac N Cheese? Dairy Free creamers? If you haven’t tried them, then how can you make such a judgment call and give up? Trust me, no one will be able to tell!

#2 Drink your Carbs

I always tell my lush-ous ladies that if they want to splurge and drink wine, then they better drink their Carbs! What do I mean by that? Cut out all sugar producing starches and fruits the day you plan on drinking. So instead of eating all the crackers on the cheese plate, just eat the cheese, scoop it up with salami, eat the nuts and olives too. The cracker is the real offender here!

#3 Cookies and Cakes aren’t all created equal

Why is it so hard for people to bring their own food to a party? Yes, food you can eat and like, and not feel horrible about afterwards?! It’s the easiest act on the planet to be prepared and not eat the crap at the party, and being prepared makes everyone feel like a million bucks later. So what do you bring? Find a paleo or keto or elimination diet friendly dessert recipe that you love and that works for your plan! Bring enough for others because people will get curious and will want to try some J

#4 Keep moving

One thing most people start to do once the weather cools off is stop moving. You curl up on the couch instead of going for walks. You stop playing sports with friends. You slow down on your favorite activity. Why? These activities are designed to heat you back up again! If you stop moving, so will your metabolism. You don’t want all of the sugar you eat to stay with you until next year, do you? Set a goal to get some movement daily, whether it is a walk or a swim in a heated pool. Either way those extra minutes spent moving will burn those extra bites you took of pie last night.

# 5 Having fun is healthy too

Some place way too much importance on making the right choices that they forget to have a good time. Releasing endorphins and serotonin is vital for a healthy mindset on life. If we are constantly bombarding ourselves with what ifs and how comes, we accomplish nothing. Have a drink, enjoy a sweet treat, and dance the night away! If you implement these mindful choices as a lifestyle instead of a season, you don’t ever have to worry about it all. Prep so you can let lose! Stay safe this holiday season and enjoy!

Links to my favorite Holiday recipes: